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Welcome to the Intersection of Courts and Technology

With over 35 years of dedicated service to the Canadian Judicial Council, my journey has been more than just advisory; it has been a commitment to excellence in the evolving world of law and technology. My expertise extends across the diverse landscapes of Canada's courts, where I actively engage in shaping information governance policy and navigating the intricate impacts of technology, including Artificial Intelligence, on the cherished principle of judicial independence.

At the heart of my mission is education and guidance. I take pride in advising court leadership as they transition into the modern era, embracing the M365 cloud and sophisticated online case management systems. This journey is not just about technological adoption; it's about ensuring that these advancements resonate with the fundamental values of our judicial system.

In addition to my advisory role, I bring my expertise to Heuristica Discovery Counsel LLP as Senior Counsel. Here, my practice is finely tuned to the complexities of electronic discovery. I don't just assist clients; I empower them to navigate and resolve intricate discovery disputes with a blend of legal acumen and technological insight.

Since you are here - please check out a selection of my photos here, and my YouTube channel here, if you are interested in LAW - landscape, architecture and wildlife. Thank you.

Martin Felsky, PhD, JD

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Featured Publications

Blueprint for the Security of Court Information (6th edition, April 2021).

Model Policy for the Retention of Court Information (Consultation Draft) (September 2022).

Guidelines for Migration of Judicial Information to a Cloud Service Provider (September 2019).

Model Definition of Judicial information (September 2020).

Model Policy for the Classification of Court Information (2d edition, September 2023).

More papers and presentations here.

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