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I am a lawyer with Heuristica Discovery Counsel LLP (Ontario Bar 1985) whose practice is restricted to electronic discovery. I help clients avoid and resolve complex discovery disputes.

I am also Senior Adviser, Information Management, to the Canadian Judicial Council, and have served the Council as an advisor for over thirty years.

One of my passions is photography, which I am happy to share here.

Martin Felsky, PhD, JD

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Judicial independence is tied to

information governance

1. Currently retained to advise eleven courts on information governance policy.
2. Senior Adviser, Information Management, to Canadian Judicial Council  since 2019 and supporting the work of the Council's technology committees for more than 30 years.
3. Recently completed nine engagements from courts across Canada.
4. Author and contributor to many publications including the Blueprint for the Security of Court Information.
5. Speaker and educator at many judicial education programs for the National Judicial Institute and other organizations.

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